10.6" Single Head A3 UV Printer A3-Pro 1390

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Procolored UV printer A3-PRO is one of our best selling medium size desktop printer, with exclusive patent technology, it can print almost anything, like phone case, stone plate relief, leather purse, tempered film customization, wallpaper, tile, U disk, CD, acrylic, crystal, aluminum sheet, PVC, ABS, stone, ceramic tile, belt, KT board, wooden board, foam board and many more. UV printing is one of the most flexible and exciting print processes ever created, and its uses are almost limitless. Discovering UV printing technology and learning a little about how it works will be beneficial for your business and you will be inspired by what you can achieve with it.


  • Adsorption Filtration System – absorb ink dust and smell, protect internal components, reduce bad smell
  • White Ink Automatic Circulation – minimize printer head clogs and greatly extend print head lifetime
  • Adjustable UV lamp power- Adapt to different printing speeds and printing materials
  • Three Visible Windows – Convenient maintenance, quickly & easily disassemble and assemble.
  • Easy-to-use and Beginner-friendly – Touch screen control, immediate operation

What’s In The Box

  • UV Printer A3-Pro 1390
  • Full Set of Initial UV Ink (CMYKW 5*250ml)
  • Metal coating 1*50ml
  • Acrylic coating 1*50ml
  • Ink cleaner 1*100ml
  • Nozzle protection fluid 1*50ml
  • Steel Ruler/Water Tank/4 Spare Ink Sac/Insurance
  • 6*1.2m Tubes/1.5m Wire/3pcs Syringe
  • Magnet Paper/Sticky Tape/Double Side Tape/Dust-Free Cloth
Choose Fixture: Without fixture