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How long will it take to receive the order from the purchase date?
The lead time is about 3-5 days, the transit time is about 5-9 days, so you will receive the printer in 7-14 days.
Are the printer, ink, and accessories delivered together?
Nope, the ink and powder were shipped separately as they belongs to special cargo.
Do you have a showroom where I can visit and learn how to use the machine?
Yes, we have a showroom in CA.
Yes, we have a showroom in CA.
You will receive notification once your order gets shipped, and you can also log in your account on our website to check order status.
Is the RIP software compatible with Mac OS?
No, all the RIP softwares are not compatible with Mac OS, you need to install Parallels Software on Mac to use RIP software.
How long does it take to print a T-shirt design using DTF L1800?
It takes about 9 mins to finish a design with DTF L1800 printer.
What materials can UV printers print on?
Almost all the hard material can print as long as it has a flat surface, such as wood, metal, acrylic, etc.
How long is the warranty for the printer?
It is 12 months.
Does the warranty cover the print head?
Yes, within 6 months after your purchase, the print head is eligible for complimentary repairing and one free replacement only.
Is there any extended warranty service?
Yes, you can purchase extend warranty for your printer.
Can I use DTF transfer on cups and wooden boards?
No, it won’t stick.
Can I use UV DTF stickers on clothes?
No, it is not suitable.
Is white ink necessary for DTF printing?
Yes, it is necessary, otherwise the design can be seen through.
What is the correct DTF process?
check print head status→print your design→add powder→bake the film→heat press and tranfer the film onto fabric→heat press again.
If online tech support cannot fix the issue, is there any other way to fix it?
You can send your machine to our CA support center to get it repaired.
Is Procolored’s tech support for free?
Yes, it is free for the first 12 month.
Whether tech support is provided when purchasing used machines?
Sure, we will provide basic tech support.

Procolored Online Tech Support

Procolored tech staff usually use Skype to communicate with customers and troubleshoot printer issues.

If you need tech staff to remotely connect to your computer, please install Team Viewer and share the ID and Password to tech staff.

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Timezone Pacific Standard Time(PST) Pacific Standard Time(PST)
Working Hours 9:00 AM-5:00 PM 6:00 PM-4:00 AM
Working Days Monday to Friday Monday to Friday

US support contact information

Tel: +1 949 738 4529


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Address: Pico Rivera,CA,USA

China support contact information

Tel: +1 562 566 0518


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