13" Dual Heads DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer Panda Gen-1 & Printer Stand


New Procolored Siphon Circulation

  • 50% Less Clogging
  • 50% Less Maintence
  • More Time for Success

What’s In The Box

  • DTF Pro Printer
  • Full Set of Initial Ink Cartridges (CMYKW 5*500ml)
  • Adhesive Powder 1000g
  • PET roll film
  • Procolored RIP Software
  • Power Cable/USB to Ethernet Adapter
  • InkTube/Dust Free Cloth/Syring
13" Dual Heads DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer Panda Gen-1 & Printer Stand
Product information
Printing Accuracy:16 PASS
Printing width:13”(330mm)
Printing speed:20 square ft /H (8 PASS)
Ink Supply Method:CISS(Continuous Ink Supply System)
Print Height:2 mm(unadjustable)
RIP Software Support OS:Window7、8、10、11
Ink Consumption:10 square ft/20-25ml(1m²/20-25ml)
Adsorption function:Support
WhiteInk Output:Support white and color print at the same time
Connection Method:Ethernet Cable
WhiteInk Technology:White ink circulation+white ink stirring
Print Direction:Unidirectional/bi-directional
Printer Size:29.5×17.7×14.2in(750*450*360mm)
Voltage/Plug:AC100~230V/according to the country(optional)
Motor Drive:Pulse servo motor drive
Net Weight/Gross Weight:100 lb / 144 lb (45kg/65kg)
Print Media:PET film
Outer Packaging:CrateBox
Warranty:12 months warranty [LearnMore

Order handling time

  • Usually it takes 1 to 3 business days.

Shipping Time

  • Usually it takes 7 to 14 business days to arrive.

  • Our default shipment method is air shipment by DHL Express or Fedex Express.

  • If you purchase ink, powder and other consumables together with the machine, the machine will be transported separately from the liquid and powder according to the transportation policy, so the delivery time is not exactly the same.

  Shipping Fee

  • FREE Shipping on all items for most countries.

  • Some remote countries and regions such as Africa and Latin America need to make up part of the freight. The specific standard is subject to the shipping fee displayed at checkout.


  • Import tax and VAT are not included in the price.

  • We’ll prepare the documents to assist on the custom clearance. More questions, please contact our sales.


  • Preassembled: your printer's stand, printheads, and ink system are all assembled here by our technicians and then repackaged for freight shipment.

  • The machine is first packaged with transparent plastic film. Then put it into a wooden box and fill the gap with foam to better protect the machine. 

Procolored Siphon Circulation®

DTF Pro Gen-2 is upgraded withProcolored Siphon White Ink circulation. Since there is no mechanical squeezing of the ink pipeline, it needs little maintenance and the overall lifespan of the circulation system is highly improved. No more worry about ink supply breakdown, the siphon circulation is your ticket to 50,000 in/-2 continuous and stable printing (a whole film roll).

Significant Advantages

DTF Pro Printer Gen 2 offers a far more powerful and efficient printing solution than DTF L1800 printer. The perfomance and reliability are greatly enhanced to ensure high-quality and continous printing while minimize the occurrence of machine failure.

Dual Print Heads Array, Faster Printing Experience

Time to say goodbye to long waiting time and say hello to rapid printing speed. The innovative dual print heads array technology utilizes two print heads simultaneously,  delivering a faster and more efficient printing experience, thus highly boosting productivity and saving working time.

Professional RIP Software - Procolored RIP

A complete PDF engine with versatile functions, including advanced grid algorithm, image splitting, seamless copying, visual dot rationing, etc. It allows high-speed processing, provides standard ICC profiles and personalized workflows.

Printing Step

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Atsushi Takada


Good machine with top notch features

I’ve had the machine now for 3 months, and I have been happy with it. It is a workhorse, able to print large quantities in less time and always deliver good quality. It’s made solid, so a little on the heavy side but manageable. The one thing I’ve always been a fan of from Procolored are their engineers. Very helpful and knowledgeable. I’m also a huge fan of the film that came with printer. Feels great after it has been pressed! The only ask I have is for a larger print format. I’m in the U.S. and people need 2x size and up haha 😆

Thanks again!


My experience with PROCOLORED printer is great.
top quality and a very good service.
the Inginers helps very quickly if there is a problem.
Thanks Procolored!