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Best DTF printer for small business | best dtf printers 2024

Best DTF printer for small business | best dtf printers 2024

DTF printer is a new type of heat transfer printing process. The heat transfer process is a process of transferring the image to the printing film and then pressing it to the clothing. It has the following seven advantages 

  1. Applicable to a variety of materials.
  2. No pre-processing required.
  3. Save white ink.
  4. Easy to apply.
  5. Faster production process.
  6. Contributes to more diversification of inventory.
  7. Waterproof and washable.

Procolored has many years of experience in R&D and production of inkjet printers which is a premier China-based manufacturer of cutting-edge printer products. Procolored mainly engaged in Inkjet printer/ flatbed printer / digital printer. Having a very good reputation because of stable product performance, good printing effect, unique appearance, and sincere service. The company provides various printers such as DTF printer, DTG printer, UV DTF printer, UV printer, etc. The factory area is 3000 square meters, has provided a full range of services for customers or agents from all over the world, and has obtained several patents. There are more than 25 engineers to ensure the quality of production and after-sales service. Committed to offering the best tech support, after-service, and reasonable price to build long-term business cooperation with customers.


What are the best DTF printers in Procolored?

At the well-known NBM Show, now renamed Graphics Pro Expo (GPX), Procolored showcased its latest flagship models—the all-new DTF-A4 printer and DTF A3+ transfer printer.


The main innovative feature of Proclored's DTF-A4 printer is the sophisticated ink stirring system. It eliminates the need for preprocessing, further simplifying the printing process. After getting the machine, just add ink and use Proclored's Pro RIP software to complete the ink guiding process. The process is very simple.

Procolored's A3+ DTF printer changes the rulebook by eliminating pre-processing of DTG technology, simplifying the printing process and making it simpler and faster. Many print-on-demand companies around the world have praised the direct to film printer not only for its practicality, but also for its speed. A favorite feature of most attendees was the printer's polished, sleek design. Many tech enthusiasts and professionals attending GPX Expo praised the A3+ DTF printer's versatility and its usefulness for print-on-demand SMBs. The A3+ DTF features an innovative scratch-resistant feature that keeps its printhead free from scratches by minimizing contact with the film. Another revolutionary upgrade for the A3 + DTF printer is the relocation of the ink cartridges into the machine. In this way, the performance of the DTF transfer printer is improved and the ink odor is almost completely eliminated.

A3 DTF Printer can be the best DTF printer for small business. The printing size meets the requirement of Tshirt printing from child size to adult size.

Procolored's products open up a world of profitable possibilities. It helps users control production costs, turnaround time and quality. Applying the user's skills to the wide-format market will enable users to produce a variety of profitable, durable and high-quality outputs for both outdoor and indoor use.


It helps users achieve high-profit short-term profits. Setup costs and time are fixed regardless of how many items a user produces, so users no longer have to turn down higher-margin short runs and custom jobs. Using Roland DG's variable data printing technology, users can deliver copies and short-run custom jobs such as posters and banners quickly and cost-effectively. Generate a master template file and quickly modify variable details like photos, logos, addresses, phone numbers and dates.

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