23.6" Dual/Three Heads Array High Speed A1 UV Printer 6090

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Choose Fixture: Without fixture
Print Heads: XP600*2


Procolored UV printer A1-6090 with large vacuum platform, it can be configured with up to three printing heads, with more printing materials and more one-time printing quantity, which improves the printing efficiency and makes it a cost-effective machine.

UV printing is one of the most flexible and exciting print processes ever created, and its uses are almost limitless. Discovering UV printing technology and learning a little about how it works will be beneficial for your business and you will be inspired by what you can achieve with it.



  • Automatic and Moisturzing System – prolong print head service time
  • White Ink Automatic Circulation –minimize printer head clogs and greatly extend print head lifetime
  • Automatic Height Adjustment – Humanized design, automatically adapt to different height printing material, higher efficiency
  • Two Adjustable UV lamps power – Adapt to different printing speeds and printing materials
  • High quality screw slide track–Move more accurately comparedto traditional belt conveyance printing position is more accurate
  • Easy-to-use and Beginner-friendly–Touch screen control, immediate operation


What’s In The Box

  • UV Printer 6090
  • Full Set of Initial UV Ink  (CMYKW 5*250ml)
  • Metal coating 1*50ml
  • Acrylic coating 1*50ml
  • Ink cleaner 1*100ml
  • Nozzle protection fluid 1*50ml
  • Steel Ruler/Water Tank/4 Spare Ink Sac/Insurance
  • 6*1.2m Tubes/1.5m Wire/3pcs Syringe
  • Magnet Paper/Sticky Tape/Double Side Tape/Dust-Free Cloth
23.6" Dual/Three Heads Array High Speed A1 UV Printer 6090
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  • Preassembled: your printer's stand, printheads, and ink system are all assembled here by our technicians and then repackaged for freight shipment.

  • The machine is first packaged with transparent plastic film. Then put it into a wooden box and fill the gap with foam to better protect the machine. 

Vacuum Platform

Soft material like leather and so on, is very easy to warp up, which will damage to the nozzle and print material, vacuum platform can avoid that damage when printing.

Automatic Wiping and Moisturizing System

Automatic wash the printhead when the machine is turned on and keep it wet when turned off to protect printhead blocking when it's not used and after printing.

3 Print Heads

2 or 3 print heads with large platform greatly improves the printing efficiency by 6 times or above. With a negative pressure function of the ink sac, it's a good solution for saving ink and the printing effect will be more delicate. 

White ink automatic circulation

Automatically cycle white ink, to avoid the ink precipitation and blockage and prolong print head life.

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