Procolored Extended Warranty Service

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Options: 1-year Extended Warranty

Service Overview

For all customers who have purchased Procolored printer equipment but are beyond the 12-month warranty period, we offer extended warranty services, which include two programs: Remote Expert Service and Extended Warranty.

Extended Warranty

The Extended Warranty prolongs the standard 12-month warranty to offer coverage for up to 3 years. For example, customers who require a 2-year warranty should purchase an additional 1 year of Extended Warranty. Customers can extend the protection period by purchasing one or two Extended Warranty packages within 365 days after machine purchase (the total protection period should not exceed 3 years). Customers who purchase the Extended Warranty enjoy an equivalent duration of Remote Expert Service.

Fee Structure:

  • 1-year Extended Warranty: $699
  • 2-year Extended Warranty: $1099

Purchase Requirement:

1. The machine is still within the warranty period.

2. Applicable only to active customers who have purchased Procolored inks or other consumables within the last 6 months.

Options: 1-year Extended Warranty