Procolored RIP V2.4

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Fit for A3 DTF (L1800/R1390/R2000), A3+ DTF, A4 DTF. 


Adobe standard PDF explanation engine

PRO RIP has reached a friendly partnership with Adobe and become an official authorized partner of Adobe. PRO RIP V2.4 supports standard PDF explanation engine, which can explain PDF format completely, any PDF file can present complete graphic elements and text, ensure color reproduction, avoid data loss, and ensure the consistency of output.

New grid point algorithm

The new grid point algorithm adjusts the distribution ratio of large, medium and small dots, optimizes the intervention interval of small and medium ink dots and light ink dots, improves the order of ink dots, enhances the performance of picture details, and makes the picture level and transition better, so that every picture you output can reach photo-like quality.

High-speed multi-core RIP computing

Optimized Windows multicore printing technology to meet the needs of multiple printhead combinations, high-precision images, multi-precision printing modes, and large data volume jobs.PRO RIP V2.4 supports post-RIP job preview with high zoom, making it easy for users to view the output grid point situation.

Customized channels, spot color printing solutions

Customized multi-channel ink output mode: white ink + CMYK/CMYKcm + varnish or white and color together; customized spot-color ink output mode, any channel can be set as a spot-color ink output channel. Compatible with different industries and different materials, widely used in personalized output and industrial production.

Digital Printing Solutions

PRO RIP V2.4 allows seamless continuous copying and diverse transformations of single images, and the Montage Continuous Sun function fully meets the current needs of the printing and dyeing industry. A single PRN print job is printed repeatedly, and only one print job needs to be generated to call for printing repeatedly, sustainably and seamlessly completing extra-long rolls of supplies, saving disk space and improving productivity.

Standard ICC loading

The PRO color management system automatically generates MCM color characteristic curve (ICC) files through a closed-loop color correction method, which calculates the print ink drop size combination and RIP dot arrangement form when generating MCM, which is the key to ensure that color calibration can effectively correct printing results. The system can load and generate standard ICC files, most of which are compatible with ICC data files generated by other color management software to improve the accuracy of color management and meet international color requirements.

Visualized dot rationing

PRO color management system adds a new visual dot ratio function, which allows users to customize the output ratio of large, medium and small dots as well as light ink dots, solving output problems caused by abnormal ratios of dark and light ink and white images.

Opening of system permissions

PRO color management system increases user rights to customize adding and modifying printing accuracy within the range supported by the printing device, effectively improving work efficiency. PRO color management system can be adjusted to the actual situation with fixed ink options, 4, 6, 8, 12 colors and spot color mode assignments such as OR, GR, W. Flexible and convenient operation mode provides you with more intimate service.