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Welcome to Procolored! I'm excited to introduce you a lineup of inkjet printers for product customization. We aim to be your trusted partner in print-on-. demand businesses. Start your business with us to personalize products with colorful design and high-quality prints. Procolored keeps pursuing user- friendly experience and reliable technology to sparkle your joyful journey of producing attractive items.

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The company's DTF printing machine has occupied the leading level in the industry, serving for numerous clients of T-shirt small business. In addition to the DTF printers, we also have UV, DTG, UV DTF printers, which can be used for different materials including fabric, acrylic, wood
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"Friendly User Experience and Reliable Technology Bring You a Harvest Smile of Lightweight Printing."




Talented Engineers



Enter the World of Digital Printing

On a sunny spring day in 2018, the young lady Kristina founded her company, Procolored, in a small office in Shenzhen. Kristina had an endless passion and talent for craft and fashion and dreams of integrating creative ideas into everyone's daily life. Initially, Procolored produced UV printers. Custom goods sellers could select their favorite patterns and print them on various materials such as wood, plastic, and glass.


We entered the digital printing market with boundless enthusiasm. The market was competitive and unpredictable, we were not yet aware of the true value of the business at that time, but we acknowledged that offering better user experience is the key to success. Procolored was like an explorer stepping into an unknown territory and starting a journey of innovation.

Inspired with DTF Technology

To better understand the needs of our clients, we communicated with them alongside the product development by actively sending out samples and receiving feedback. One day in 2019, we received an email from Mr. Jones, he was running a DTG printing business and seeking for a solution of more vibrant colors on dark fabrics. DTG printer looks similar to our flatbed UV printer in appearance, that’s why he came to us for assistance. We valued his request and researched extensively. After months of searching and consulting, we were excited by the potential of an emerging technology known as DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing. It allows vibrant prints on dark and light garments.


The company's technical department began to develop DTF printing machine. After numerous experiments and improvements, we successfully developed the first DTF printer suitable for various shirt materials. The printer was specifically designed for shirt printing, capable of producing clear and vibrant patterns while maintaining the soft comfort of the fabric. More and more people start their business with us to personalize products with colorful designs. 

Entrepreneurship at the Expo

In 2020, Kristina traveled to the United States for the first time, hoping to meet new clients at the trade show Impression Expo. It was a challenging time as the world was facing a pandemic. Faced with the challenges of the pandemic, Kristina hesitated about whether it was worth exploring in this unfamiliar environment. Fortunately, she found friends locally, and with their help, she successfully participated in the trade show.


During her time there, Kristina felt the strong entrepreneurial atmosphere in this place. Our clients were full of passion and wholeheartedly engaged in their printing work. Most of them were working full time from home. With innovative thinking and relentless effort, anyone who loves life and pursues individuality can turn their dreams into reality. They enjoyed and were inspired producing artworks for their customers.

Empowering Small Businesses

Kristina began to think about the value of Procolored. Seeing the potential opportunity to help a large number of home-base offices doing print-on-demand business, she decided consequently to pursue this business as a career. This is the true value of Procolored – we can help more and more small businesses achieve success.


However, in the face of the new market, difficulties and challenges occurred one after another. In the early stage of international sales, there are language barriers not only in daily communication but also in instructional videos. It was difficult for customers to assemble the machines or resolve issues when using the products. The team understood the importance of customer support, and this issue brought us a lot of pressure. 

Boosting User Experience

In the pre-sales stage, we informed our clients that different machines are suitable for different materials and pointed out the difficulties and common issues. Although the usage difficulty of printers had significantly decreased, there were still some users who found it challenging to operate. In such cases, we had to recommend machines that are easier to operate.

   In the after-sales stage, our client services representatives created online meetings connecting clients and engineers, trying their best to help solving problems. We reproduced instructional videos, making every step more clear and adding voice-overs. And we continuously upgraded our warranty policy to address customers' concerns.

But these were far less than enough, there were still a lot of work ahead to ensure a positive production experience for our clients.

Dreams are attainable for all.

Among our customers, there was an elderly man of Korean descent, Mr. Hwang, who drove a pickup truck to find our team, hoping to learn about our printers. We were so glad and felt trusted to see him coming to us for help. He saw an opportunity of printing business, and we understood that there were no barrier seeking knowledge and pursuing dreams. With a deep sense of respect, we trained Mr. Hwang using DTF printer step by step. Through multiple training sessions, he mastered the operation and he successfully started his own business of printing T-shirts.


Our team was helping more and more small entrepreneurs like him achieve their dreams, and this is the true value of the company. The team patiently guides users, willing to create opportunities for success for each user – that is our mission.

Expanding Horizons

In 2022, we made the decision to expand our business to the United States, embarking on a new journey of localization. We established our user experience center and after-sales warehouse in California, aiming to provide users with a more satisfying experience and after-sales service.


At the end of 2023, we reached a milestone moment—our monthly sales exceeded one million dollars for the first time. This is the affirmation of our brand's value from our clients. We appreciate every user who chose our products; their support and feedback are the driving force behind our progress. 

Vision & Mission

We believe that a printer is not just a tool but also a means of expression and creation. As a company committed to lightweight printing, our goal is to bring joy and opportunities for our creative users. 


By enhancing friendly user experience and reliable technology, we aim to make it easy for everyone to get started and enjoy the success and joy of lightweight printing.