Procolored T8 Panda DTG Printer 8.2" A4 L800

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Choose Fixture: Clothes fixture

What’s In The Box

  • DTG Printer A4 L800
  • Garment Fixture(customer purchase)
  • Full Set of Initial Textile Ink  (CMYKW 5*250ml)
  • Clothing pretreatment liquid 1*100ml
  • Ink cleaner 1*100ml
  • Nozzle protection fluid 1*50ml
  • Steel Ruler/Water Tank/4 Spare Ink Sac/Fuse
  • 6*1.2m Tubes/1.5m Wire/3pcs Syringe
  • Magnet Paper/Sticky Tape/Double Side Tape/Dust-Free Clot


DTG printer, also called direct-to-garment printer, has enabled individuals to customize textiles like clothing and pillows freely and can also be applied in many other fields.
Normally in DTG printing, a higher cotton content in the fabric guarantees longer-lasting print colors and better washability for the printing. Compared to traditional printing methods, DTG printing produces same breathable printings but only requires much simpler operations.
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White Ink Automatic Circulation –minimizing printer head clogging possibility and greatly extend print head lifetime.
Printing White and Color Ink at the Same Time – bidirectional printing releasing white and color ink at the same time, providing higher efficiency
Powerful Cooling System – advanced air-cooling and water-cooling design, supporting long time printing
Easy-to-use and Beginner-friendly – touchable control panel, allowing immediate operations

Choose Fixture: Clothes fixture