Procolored Oven For DTF Printer -Upgraded

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Procolored latest oven, upgraded with 4 major functions. You'll be amazed by its cool new look and colors! Not only that, but this machine heats up more evenly, making it easier for you to complete your printing tasks. It comes equipped with an integrated exhaust filter, eliminating the need for an additional exhaust filter purifier and ensuring a cleaner printing environment. The interior structure has also been upgraded, making it more convenient to clean.


Cool new look and colors - The Procolored oven has a stylish and modern appearance that will impress users.
Even heating - The upgraded oven features improved heating technology that ensures even heat distribution, resulting in better printing results.
Integrated exhaust filter - The oven comes with an integrated exhaust filter, eliminating the need for users to purchase an additional filter purifier and providing a cleaner printing environment.
Convenient cleaning - The upgraded internal structure of the oven makes it easier and more convenient for users to clean, saving them time and effort.
Integrated power supply design - The Procolored oven features an integrated power supply design that ensures safer use of electricity. Additionally, it allows for easy switching between 110V and 220V power supply environments, making it suitable for users in different regions or countries.