Procolored UV DTF Transfer Clear AB Film - fit for A3 UV DTF Printer

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Type: A + B Film

The earlier Type-A film, which was based on white paper, has been upgraded to a transparent version to enhance its appearance, while retaining its fundamental features.


# Use UV printing method to print directly to the B film;
# 2 Epson piezoelectric nozzles can achieve more vibrant colors and lifelike printing: color ink+white ink+varnish+glue;
# Glossy surface and three-dimensional feeling, support UV DTF transfers with good hand feeling;
# UV resistance, scrubbing resistance, solvent resistance, long-term storage;
# Print and dry faster, can be produced in small batches. saving you time and money;
# Suitable for most materials and UV DTF printers, not limited by material and shape, it can paste to any hard surface.


Film A: A3 (50m roll)
Film B: A3 (50m roll)

film A: A3 (50m roll)
film B: A3 (50m roll)
Applicable ink
UV DTF ink
Use conditions
19-28℃; humidity 40-60%
Storage conditions
Can apply to the most hard surface like: glass material, wood material, resin material, plastic material, ceramic material, and hardware material,etc.


Type: A + B Film